What does a Psychiatrist do?

A Psychiatrist is medical doctor focused on an area of medicine that focuses on emotional and behavioral disorders.  Psychiatrist then follow up these diagnosis with treatment and prevention.  The treatment protocols classically used by psychiatrists include psychotherapy, medicines and electro convulsive therapy (ECT).  Psychiatrists are medical doctors who have specialized training that extends their medical education for 3 to 5 years.  They are trained in various theories of psychology and the corresponding ways to guide a patient through psychotherapy models and help determine physiological effects.

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How is a Psychiatrist trained?

Psychiatrists start their medical training like every physician in medical school and complete comprehensive tests to achieve a state license to practice medicine.  From there, residency.  This is where a medical doctor becomes a specialist. Psychiatrists enter a residency program that normally takes 3-5 years and begins by working in hospitals and clinics treating patients.  This part of their education emotionally and technically prepares the doctor to deal with the hospitalization and stresses of complex mental health issues.  From there, the next few years are focused on honing their skills in psychotherapy and administering medications at clinics or emergency rooms.

In California, once a doctor has completed their residency they are required to take another round of tests, both oral and written, to achieve State Board Certification and become admitted to the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology.

Why would I need a Psychiatrist?

Unfortunately, most people look for a psychiatrist or psychologist when they are in this midst of a crisis or accurate phase of a problem.  A person will seek help for things like depression, anxiety, grief and more complicated issues like contemplating suicide or hallucinations.  As previously mentioned, most people seek help becuase they have may have been struggling with symptoms for some time or believe their condition is not curable.

Do I need a Psychiatrist and Psychologist. What’s the difference?

It depends on what level of service you required.  A psychiatrist is a medical doctor able to prescribe medications, medical treatments procedures and provide psychotherapy. A psychologist specializes in clinical psychology and is not permitted to prescribe medications, medical treatments or procedures.  Psychologists tend to see patients more regularly becuase the cost of psychotherapy is usually less than doctors and provide more direct support.    

Which one do you need?  If you don’t know you should see a psychiatrist first as they can manage most of your needs.  They will then guide you to treatments, including psychology, if needed.  Either way, we have a professional to meet you needs.

What Treatments do Psychiatrists at TMS provide?

Our psychiatrists provide a wide range of therapies with a focus to minimize prescribing medications as a front-line defense for most issues.  Our psychiatric team provides an optimal level of care with services that include psychotherapy, interventions, medication management and transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS therapy).

The team has successfully specialized in depression and anxiety related issues.  By incorporating mindfulness techniques along with TMS therapy our team helps each person develop long term life skills rather than mechanically address your symptoms.

A Team of Psychiatrist and Wellness Professionals

We’re here for you and your loved ones.  It’s important to have a complete range of services that have you at the center of long-term wellness.  Most important is the transition from accurate phase of treatment to what happens after.  We will develop an after-care strategy for you, supported by us and those around you that care for you daily.  Here you will learn skills that will help you achieve the long term wellness you’ve been seeking.

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