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Our team was assembled by Harvard-trained TMS Specialist Dr.Claudia Eppele, MD. Supported through an affiliation of like-minded professionals, TMS Health and Wellness has rapidly grown to become a premier center for TMS Therapy in Southern California. With a success rate of over 90% in terms of reduction of symptoms, we offer the highest quality of service for the treatment of Major Depressive Disorder at our Costa Mesa location.

At TMS Health and Wellness, we treat the “whole person,” recognizing that we are more than just the condition that ails us. Our unique approach to wellness enhances standard care by augmenting TMS therapy with various inner resource tools and natural remedies, such as meditation, mindful self-compassion, homeopathy, and aromatherapy. This supports our treatment goal of offering non-drug alternative treatments that actually work.

From the moment you are greeted by our team of professionals and throughout treatment, you will feel that your health is central to our mission. We invite you, your family members, or those who care for you to be a part of the entire experience.

Dr. Claudia Eppele - TMS Health
Chief Medical Officer

Dr. Claudia Eppele, MD

Dr. Claudia Eppele is not your average physician. Her journey in medicine is an inspiring testament to her dedication, versatility, and relentless pursuit of knowledge. Starting her career in general surgery, she spent three enriching years mastering the intricacies of this critical discipline. Yet, this was merely the beginning of her medical journey.

Driven by her intellectual curiosity, Dr. Eppele embarked on a rigorous exploration of colorectal surgery at the esteemed University of Southern California. Her four-year research stint at USC bore impressive fruits, including eight published articles in reputable medical journals and a series of prestigious presentations at renowned surgical conferences.

But the ever-dynamic Dr. Eppele didn’t stop there. She sought to further broaden her medical expertise by undertaking a second residency at the University of California Davis, specializing in Family Medicine.

Today, Dr. Eppele is a pioneering advocate for holistic wellness, dedicating her practice to the innovative field of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) therapy. This revolutionary treatment addresses mental health concerns like depression, anxiety, and OCD. Her practice, TMS Health and Wellness, has also been a beacon for patients since 2011, blending traditional and alternative medicine with a unique, patient-focused approach.

Dr. Eppele’s career is a shining example of the power of integrating Western and Eastern medical philosophies to deliver comprehensive care. Her commitment to holistic and personalized treatment continues to inspire and pave the way for a new era of patient care.

Maryam Obeyd

Maryam Obeyd

Elizabeth Lopez
Office Coordinator

Elizabeth Lopez

Julie Soria
Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

Julie Soria

Bianca Mendez - TMS Health
TMS Technician

Bianca Mendez

Nelsey Jimenez - TMS Health
Office / Medical Assistant

Nelsey Jimenez

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