The Truth About Meditation

Meditation is not very well understood here in the United States. This misunderstanding is caused because there is a certain amount of mystery surrounding meditation in our culture. Meditations’ true uses and benefits are often times misconstrued by our western mindsets and predispositions.

Sometimes, we see meditation portrayed as an ancient tradition only practiced by the devoutly religious as a way to connect spiritually. Other times, it is portrayed as some mystical technique which can be the path to seemingly supernatural powers.

The truth is, meditation is an age old mindfulness technique which aims to train focused attention and mental awareness. The benefit of the practice, is that this increased focus helps to promote and support a clear mental state.

Meditation has been practiced for centuries by dozens of cultures across many different civilizations as a path towards enlightenment, self-realization, and a happier life.

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What Actually is Meditation?

The actual practice of meditation usual consists of sitting in a calm, quiet place, and focusing the mind on either a sole thought, or keep a clear mental slate and having no thoughts.

The exact focus of your thoughts, or lack of thoughts, are different between each variation of meditation and can vary depending on what you are hoping to accomplish through the technique.

Throughout the historical practice of meditation, different styles and techniques have been established which each aim to achieve the same end result of a clear mental state.

The overarching purpose of meditation is to train excellent focus, no matter what outside thoughts or ideas are floating around in your consciousness.

What are the Benefits?

For many of us, it can be hard to take time out of our busy schedule to add in a new routine, but there are some great benefits to meditation if you are able to incorporate it into your life.

Meditation has been practiced for centuries for its multitude of perceived benefits. Previous generations knew meditation had the ability to remove stress, improve anxiety, and improve many other mental wellness factors, and now we are able to scientifically base and prove those benefits.

Research conducted by Hari Shama from The Ohio State University College of Medicine states that, “During the process of meditation, accumulated stresses are removed, energy is increased, and health is positively affected overall. Research has confirmed a myriad of health benefits associated with the practice of meditation. These include stress reduction, decreased anxiety, decreased depression, reduction in pain (both physical and psychological), improved memory, and increased efficiency.”

Meditation can almost considered to be like a mental wellness multi-tool, it can help with a truly astonishing amount of commonly presented side-effects.

It can reduce stress, lower anxiety, strengthen your memory, and even keep your brain young through building higher densities of gray matter in your brain!

Thanks to its’ diversity of benefits, and symptoms it can alleviate, mediation is an invaluable tool for just about everyone.

How can I get started?

Thankfully, meditation is a mental exercise, so all you need to get started is 10 minutes each day, and the mindset and willingness to stay consistent.

To begin, all you need is a quiet place, a pillow or cushion to sit on, and a timer.

First, set your timer for 10 minutes, and sit down on your cushion in your quiet space.

Then, until your alarm rings, close your eyes, and focus on nothing other than your breathing.

Any time your mind strays, and you focus on a wandering thought, gently guide yourself back to only thinking about your breathing.

Once your timer goes off, you’re done! You can gather your cushion and timer and go back to your everyday routine!

10 minutes each day may sound like a big commitment, but in the grand scheme of things, it is such an insignificant investment compared to all the time you can take back from stressful or anxious thoughts.

How Can I Get the Most Out of my Time?

We encourage keeping a notebook or journal where you can jot down how you are feeling each day, and see your progressing mindset as you meditate on a regular basis over time.

Additionally, many people find it beneficial to have a guide or coach with whom they can share their experiences, or approach for advice or guidance.

Having a meditation coach adds an element of support and can provide a deeper, unbiased, analysis which can help give new perspectives, and build new mindfulness techniques and approaches.

How can it benefit you?

Meditation, thanks to its scientifically proven benefits, is an invaluable tool which can be used to help fight a multitude of mental conditions and afflictions.

Here at TMS Health and Wellness, we have achieved great success with our patients when we incorporate meditation and mindfulness thinking techniques as part of the patients’ personalized treatment plan.

Meditation supports the purpose of our clinic perfectly because it is a natural, holistic solution to mental disorders, and it does not rely on any modern medications.

Anxiety and depression medications can drastically change a persons’ mood through chemical changes in the brain. One of the top side effects of anxiety and depression prescriptions is an onset of “mental fog”, which can actually exacerbate the issue.

We have found some patients may gain back a sense of clarity, and mental stability when they practice mediation.

Meditation is not a direct replacement for modern medicine or prescription mediation, but it is an amazing support tool for the human mind.

Is it right for you?

Meditation holds benefits for everyone, regardless of mental health or purpose for meditating. If you can set aside the time each day, give meditation a trial for just one week, and see how you react and feel.

If you are interested in some coaching and support from trained professionals, or are simply interested in learning more about meditation and mindfulness techniques contact TMS Health and Wellness by phone at (855)-867-5551. Ask to learn more about our mediation services, and how we can help support you.

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