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What Forms of Mental Health Disorders are Treated by a Psychiatrist?

Thorough training prepares a psychiatrist to treat a wide variety of disorders relating to mental health, including the following:

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Welcome To TMS Health and Wellness

TMS Health and Wellness is the leading provider of TMS Therapy, specializing in the relief of depression with innovative technology. Our staff includes Family Medicine, Psychiatrists, Meditation teachers and Counselors. We focused on maximizing results holistically and augmenting as needed with medicine. Also, we offer comprehensive care for depression, anxiety, tinnitus, OCD, PTSD and other neurological disorders. We are now proud to offer pain management.

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What Health Services are Provided by a Psychiatrist?

One thing to remember is that, as a medical doctor, a psychiatrist can provide services a licensed psychotherapist cannot. That includes the prescription of antidepressants and other medications for treatment, including mood stabilizers, anti-anxiety medications, and antipsychotics. Psychiatrists can also provide psychotherapy and, for another facet of treatment, can refer to a psychotherapist. Lastly, individual and group psychotherapy (referred to as talk therapy) is also available via your Orange County psychiatrist.

In psychiatry, resolving self-limitation and other challenging aspects of a mental health condition is the goal of the doctor-patient relationship. Less challenging aspects are managed on an ongoing basis, as well as any remaining symptoms. A variety of treatments can be involved in care. They include weekly therapy sessions and compliance with scheduled medication. In cases of depression and anxiety, adjunctive therapies like TMS can also be included, as well as EDMR for trauma-related symptoms. In combination, patients experience a renewed sense of self, well-being, and serenity.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why would I need a Psychiatrist?

Most people look for a psychiatrist or psychologist during a crisis if their lives or when they can no longer manage the symptoms they are dealing with themselves. A person will seek help for symptoms such as depression, anxiety, grief, and more complicated issues like contemplating suicide or hallucinations. As previously mentioned, most people seek help because they may have been struggling with symptoms for some time or believe their condition is not curable.

Do I need a Psychiatrist and Psychologist? What's the difference?

It depends on what level of service you require. A psychiatrist is a medical doctor who can prescribe medications and treatment procedures and provide psychotherapy. A psychologist specializes in clinical psychology and is not permitted to prescribe medications, medical treatments, or procedures. Psychologists tend to see patients more regularly because psychotherapy usually costs less than doctors, and they provide more direct support.    

Which one do you need? If you don’t know, you should see a psychiatrist first as they can manage most of your needs. They will then guide you to treatments, including psychology if needed. Either way, we have a professional to meet your needs.

What treatments do Psychiatrists at TMS Health provide?

Our psychiatrists provide a wide range of therapies that focus on minimizing prescribing medications as a front-line defense for most issues.  Our psychiatric team offers an optimal level of care with services that include psychotherapy, interventions, medication management, and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS Therapy).

The team has successfully specialized in depression and anxiety-related issues.  By incorporating mindfulness techniques along with TMS therapy, our team helps each person develop long-term life skills rather than mechanically addressing their symptoms.

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