Are you experiencing symptoms of Major Depressive Disorder? Have you found limited or no success with conventional treatments?

iTBS may be the right option for you!


  • Non-Invasive Treatment

  • Minimal To Zero Side-Effects

  • Covered By Most Insurances

  • No Medication

  • Relief Within 3 Days of Treatment

  • FDA Approved

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Welcome To TMS Health and Wellness

TMS Health and Wellness is the leading provider of TMS Therapy, specializing in the relief of depression with innovative technology. Our staff includes Family Medicine, Psychiatrists, Meditation teachers and Counselors. We focused on maximizing results holistically and augmenting as needed with medicine. Also, we offer comprehensive care for depression, anxiety, tinnitus, OCD, PTSD and other neurological disorders. We are now proud to offer pain management.

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iTBS therapy is a promising and compelling new method for treating depression. It is a treatment that leverages the latest technology to provide exceptional results.

At TMS Health and Wellness, we engage in research and apply well-vetted protocols in our practice. Our team of highly trained specialists helps clients to achieve their optimal mental health goals.

Schedule a free consultation now if you’re interested in learning more about what TMS Health and Wellness can do for you. We look forward to supporting you on your journey to better health!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any side-effects?

Future tests also showed no serious side effects from this study. Participants experienced mild discomfort at most. But any symptoms resolved quickly over time.

What have been the results of recent studies?

Approximately 90% of participants in recent studies went into remission from Major Depressive Disorder. 60% of participants were still in remission one month later.

How quickly does iTBS work?

Most participants experienced relief within 3 days.

How do iTBS and rTMS differ?

Intermittent Theta-Burst Stimulation (iTBS) is a newer form of rTMS that can be delivered in 3 min, versus 30-40min for a standard 10 Hz treatment session. We aimed to establish the clinical effectiveness, safety, and tolerability of iTBS compared with standard 10 Hz rTMS in adults with treatment-resistant depression.  Treatment is completed in 5 days versus 36 with rTMS.

Is iTBS covered by Insurance?

The procedure has not been considered by insurance companies.  

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