Tms For Tinnitus

The Future of Tinnitus Relief

I have been struggling with tinnitus for 8 years. It has been increasing in severity the last 5 years. It has been so severe at times that I have had to resort to taking Xanax periodically to deal with the noise. 

Luckily I found TMS Health and Wellness and the treatments have been very successful. My symptoms have been significantly reduced, and I feel the tinnitus is calm all the time now. I never have to take any medications to deal with the noise and I am definitely grateful for this new treatment. I would recommend it to a friend and I appreciate the caring attitude of Dr. Eppele and her staff.”

~ Fred B., Laguna Hills CA

Tinnitus occurs when neurons fire from internal stimuli rather than external stimuli. TMS is specifically designed to inhibit neuronal firing. In the instance of tinnitus, the elector magnetic pulses simply inhibit the misfiring of the neurons in the auditory cortex.

As of 2016, there have been over 120 published papers and over 1,000 participants in TMS for tinnitus trials, proving the efficacy, and safety of TMS for the treatment of tinnitus.

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What is TMS?

TMS is a FDA approved non-invasive, non-drug therapy that utilizes MRI strength electro-magnetic pulses to stimulate areas of the brain.

  • Unlike traditional drug therapy, TMS is non-systemic, and only attends the area of the body in need of healing.
  • TMS Treatment for tinnitus is done in roughly 30 minute sessions 5 days a week, Monday through Friday, for 2 weeks (10 treatment days).
  • Sessions require no anesthesia, and patient can resume normal daily activities directly following treatment.
  • Some patients may feel slight discomfort at treatment site during and following treatment.
Comparing Sound Therapy and TMS

Sound Therapy is the leading treatment for tinnitus. Although it can provide some relief the underlying cause still persists, and it acts to mask the sound instead of treating the root cause. Sound Therapies can also get expensive and the patient is dependent on a device which has its own inconveniences.

However, TMS….

  • does not mask symptoms, it treats the ailment at the source (the neurons themselves that have become over-activated)
  • is a less expensive option compared to the majority of sound therapies.
  • does not depend on external devise

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