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TMS Therapy heals the body of depression with an amazing breakthrough in technology.

Relieve Depression, Anxiety, Grief and more

TMS Therapy is FDA approved, non-invassive, non-medicine therapy.

TMS Therapy

Cutting edge technology helps control Depression, Anxiety and other…


Natural medicines augment TMS Therapy and reduce anxiety and other…


Techniques to help calm your mind and regain focus over daily stress and…


A gentle alternative to addressing anxiety, sleep and other disorders...

TMS Health and Wellness...

TMS Health and Wellness is the leading provider of TMS Therapy specializing in the relief of depression with this amazing technology. Our staff includes Family Medicine, Psychiatrists, Meditation and Counselors focused on maximizing results holistically and augmenting as needed with medicine.We offer comprehensive care for depression, anxiety, tinnitus, OCD, PTSD and other neurological disorders and will be introducing pain management as early as this year.

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TMS Therapy in Newport Beach TMS Health and Wellness

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

TMS THERAPY for depression and anxiety uses a highly focused magnetic field that stimulates nerve cells in the area of the brain that is know to control mood. By simulating this area repetitively during the course of treatment the brain awakens by releasing dopamine naturally, and other physiological benefits, without medicine.

THE RESULTS?  The brain begins to heal itself.  TMS Therapy is performed by prescription only under the supervision of a doctor while you remain awake and alert. TMS is a non-medicine, non-invasive treatment for Depression.

TMS HEALTH AND WELLNESS enhances TMS with other protocols, therapy, and meditation and has achieved a success rate that is 3 times higher than suggested by the FDA.

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