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“My experience with TMS was life changing. In the first few weeks I noticed strong differences in my behavior and how I react to stimulis, near the end I felt an overall sense of calmness, something that I had not felt for years. Now I can sleep straight through night now too, which I was not able to do before”

~ M.N, Long Beach CA


Before TMS with Dr. Claudia Eppele I had struggled with
depression for many years while also struggling to find the
right medication with little to no avail.  TMS sounded too
good to be true. I almost wouldn’t let myself dream of a future
where I wasn’t depressed and not dealing with all the side
effects of medication.  Yet that has been my life since TMS.
 At the end of my treatment I felt like a new person.
The happiness experienced and the decrease in negative
thoughts took me by surprise.  I am able to feel the natural
ups and downs in life nowadays. If you have the opportunity 
I cannot recommend Dr. Eppele and her team enough.”
~ A.M. Lakewood CA


TMS is covered by most major insurance companies. We can take care of reaching out to your insurance provider and getting a detailed confirmation about your particular coverage.

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